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  • ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 26 - Fast, Furious, Friday

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    ASICS GEL-CUMULUS 26 - Fast, Furious, Friday

    by Lionel Brahim Brodie III


    As a part of ASICS’ kaizen (“continuous improvement”) , the GEL–CUMULUS® 26 builds upon the new look of its predecessor while instituting a few new, extremely exhilarating upgrades.



    Before we jump into that, the new 26 releases this Friday, March 1st. But it's Leap Year, so you'll have to wait one more day before adding these puppies to your running portfolio. I myself just realized that this February has 29 days.....so all of the 3/1 releases are a little farther away. Like when you're racing a course with turns, and you make what you believe to be the final one before the Finish Line. You start to SEND IT, then the race takes you for another turn. You gassed it too early. Remember Jesse losing his dad's Volkswagen Jetta because he hit the NOS button too soon in the original The Fast and the Furious? Don't do that here. Release day is FRIDAY.




    That being said, it gives us one more day to appreciate the new features of the shoe. It's lighter than the GEL–CUMULUS® 25, and has a new "Lean–Back Heel" design intended to provide better comfort. There is also an all–new FLUIDRIDE™ outsole that enhances comfort and traction with each step.




    There are some familiar characteristics of the GEL–CUMULUS® 26 that you'll appreciate. PureGEL™ technology for soft landings and smooth transitions. FF BLAST™ PLUS cushioning in the midsole for energized, responsive rebound. In fact, I can, without hyperbole, compare my first few voyages in the 26 to a sports car that lowers as the speed increases for aerodynamics and improved handling.....with a cushioning technology that provides a heightened sense of road feel. Similar to cars, and bikes for that matter, reducing the tire width to allow drivers, and cyclists, a boosted sensory of the texture and feel of the road. I’m walking, jogging, running, and each step that I’ve taken has been in harmony with the terrain. ASICS describes this as "a full–ground contact design for a smoother, more efficient ride."



    No, I am not a car expert. And I didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. But I've seen most of the Fast and the Furious movies (Tokyo Drift is underrated) and once had the privilege of test driving a Ferrari that was built for racing. I have pictures somewhere. Circa 2014 or something like that, but I paid attention during the pre–drive tutorial and have a decently good memory.


    Whether you’re running for fun, training for a race, clocking miles on the treadmill, wearing all–day, or jogging with your local run club, the GEL–CUMULUS® 26 is IT. And in a couple (3, not 2) of days, IT can be yours! In the meantime, check out the rest of our ASICS assortment at one of our 4 locations (Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, or Glen Mills), or continue your online visit!


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