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  • Team Philly Spring Training Kickoff - February 24

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    Team Philly Spring Training Kickoff - February 24

    Hello again friends!


    So you got into Broad Street! Yes? No? We'll discuss other entry options later.....maybe tomorrow (wink).


    Whether you are looking to train for your first race, or running the Broad Street Run for another year, we are here to help you cross the finish line safely and injury free.


    Team Philly Spring Training kicks off this Saturday, 8AM, at PR University City!


    By training with Team Philly, powered by Philadelphia Runner and Rothman Institute, you will receive a daily training schedule and twice weekly mentor guided group runs split up by pace.


    Join us to achieve your running goals, meet new running friends, and learn from our partners and friends in workshops to improve your health and running performance.


    Register before Saturday, February 24th for the full training year to receive an exclusive Team Philly hat. Everyone who registers to train with Team Philly will receive a t-shirt.


    Check out our website www.teamphillyruns.com for more information. We'll see you out there!


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