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  • 2023 Guide To Philadelphia Marathon Weekend - Tips & Gear

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    2023 Guide To Philadelphia Marathon Weekend - Tips & Gear

    Information of substance: Sarah A. Tampio, M.Ed. and Jennifer Collins. Tangential quips that no one asked for: Lionel Brahim Brodie III.


    1 more sleep until Marathon Weekend! We’ve been celebrating all month, but that’s just us. Tips:



    Arrive early to make sure you can park, drop your bag at gear check, and have time to hit up the porta potty before finding your way to the corral.


    Bring clothes to keep you warm but toss before the race starts. Old clothes to toss, let me stress that. If you happen to purchase any of the items below, you might want to keep those haha!


    Have friends and family stationed along the way to cheer you on! 



    This weekend could see cooler temperatures (hopefully no rain) in the early mornings…..but thankfully not the horror of cold and chill that Mother Nature dropped on us last year.


    This guide will help new runners, seasoned runners, AND spectators with product options for our Super Bowl (hopefully they’ll be a parade in February, and we can wear these items then as well). Have a GREAT race this weekend. NOTE: I can’t promise that some these picks aren’t locally biased and somewhat subjective…..


    Saturday Start Times: Half Marathon and 8K


    Sunday Start Times: Marathon


    What to wear? Disclaimer: Everyone has different thresholds for heat, wind, rain, and cold and that can be subjective. Use this information as a steppingstone for your personal needs and goals.


    You may have heard this before: Dress as if the temperature is 10 degrees higher. As you warm up and find your rhythm your body will warm up as well. When the temperatures are forecasting cooler weather it’s important to stay warm before the race and at the start. Start conservatively, and ease yourself into your goal pace. You do not want to  start too fast, warm–up, and then become chilled as you ease back. Keep your body moving at a consistent pace. Easier said than done sometimes, but practice patience and it will pay off in the latter miles of the race. 


    Tops: Moisture wicking, lightweight but still warm. A top that will keep us warm at the start and dry quickly as we warm up and begin to sweat. Picks: PR x SKY Long Sleeve over a tank/singlet or Short Sleeve. PR x ASICS Men’s ½ Zip / Women’s ¼ Zip.



    Accessories:  If you are like me, my hands will get VERY cold, very easy. I will be toeing the line with gloves. If you are representing a club/organization/team, etcetera and want to wear a singlet, an ultra–lightweight more fitted top under the singlet is a great option to stay warm. Picks: Gloves. ASICS METARUN Baselayers.


    Bottoms: This can be a tough call based on your needs. If you are concerned with the cool/cold affecting your legs, and have traditionally worn tights/pants in conditions under 40 degrees (projected temp at the start of the half and full), then wear them. If you can wear shorts with no problem or issue on your calves, quads then stick with what you know. Picks: Shorts. Pants. Tights.


    You can find a more comprehensive checklist HERE. Feel free to use  these suggestions and pull items that you may have in your fitness wardrobe that best match the options provided, or stop into of our  4 locations (Center CityUniversity CityManayunk, or Glen Mills) and ask a Fit Specialist for tips! I did not delve into the shoe/sock/nutrition realm because it’s best to use what you have been training with and have put in your race day plan.


    Thank you all for being the best racing/running/jogging/walking/FITNESS community on the planet and allowing Philadelphia Runner to support you in your journey. Trust your training, believe in yourself, think positive and tell yourself that YOU CAN DO THIS!! Everyone cheering for you in the race knows that YOU CAN!!!!!


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