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  • Running 101: A Few Tips to Start Running

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    Running 101: A Few Tips to Start Running

    Running is currently experiencing it's latest boom. A ton of new faces on the roads and trails. Races seeing increases of registrants and volunteers. If you're new, or returning, to our beautiful sport.....a little intro so we can get reacquainted: Philadelphia Runner is an independent and locally owned specialty running company that strives to be more than just another retail running store. We are runners and fitness enthusiasts hoping to share our passion and experiences, strengthen the Philadelphia fitness and running community, and inspire others to start moving. 


    Our goal at Philadelphia Runner is to keep you moving comfortably. Our staff is trained to fit you from head to toe – from free shoe fittings to the best brands and resources, we also have individual coaching and group training programs


    At Philadelphia Runner, we believe that movement matters and makes a huge difference in our wellbeing. Regular exercise is essential in maintaining your physical and mental health. Physical activity helps relieve stress, ease muscle tension and can improve sleep. Now let’s get into Running 101. Whether you are new to running, returning to running or are a longtime regular on the running scene, those first few steps out the door or in the direction of the treadmill are usually the hardest. Compared to other sports running is pretty simple and you don’t need much to do it. We put together a few tips to help you enjoy running while keeping it simple and fun:

    1. Get the right gear. Visit us at Philadelphia Runner, to get properly fitted shoes and apparel that will keep you moving comfortably in different seasons and weather conditions. In our stores, shoe fittings are free. Our staff will watch how you move, ask you about the activities you are currently or plan on doing, and make some recommendations based on your answers. 


    2. Make a plan. Take some to look at your calendar or schedule and consider when and where you are going to run as well as how often. Two basic ingredients of a successful running routine are time and space. Decide how often you want to run and make a plan, so it becomes a part of your regular schedule.


    3. Start small. Set little goals like running to a certain landmark or running 5 minutes without walking. Taking breaks is not a bad thing. You don’t have to head out on your first run and shoot for a major time or distance goal. Running is a repetitive sport, and most injuries are caused by doing too much, too often, too soon. Take your time! Your goal is to maximize progress while minimizing injury. Interval running, or the run/walk method, is an excellent way to start your journey. 


    Warm up your body and get loose with a steady walk for 4 or 5 minutes. Just get comfortable. There is no need to start fast.


    When you’re ready, run for 2 or 3 minutes, and then let your body and mind relax again with another 4–minute walking period.


    Alternate your running and walking segments as many times as you’d like until you feel like you’ve gotten in a good workout, relieved some stress, and cleared your head a bit. After a few good runs of that interval rotation, switch up the times a bit. Increase the length of your run, and gradually decrease the length of your walk. Soon enough you’ll be running for 10, 20, 30 minutes or more without even thinking about it.



    4. Remember to warm up and cool down. Don't confuse a little stretching with a good warmup. Stretching exercises generally don't make you sweat or raise your heart rate, which is what you really want from a warmup. A proper warmup begins with walking or running very slowly to ease your body into the session. My recommendation: Walk briskly for 5 minutes (about a quarter mile), then break into your comfortable running pace. (Don't count the warmup as part of your workout time or distance.) When you finish your run, resist the urge to stop suddenly. Instead, walk another 5 minutes to cool down more gradually. Then comes the best time for stretching – after your run when your muscles are warm and ready to be stretched a little. Maybe try some post run yoga – there are some great videos for runners online. 


    5. Give Yourself Time to Recover. It’s easy to want to get out there every day and pound some pavement. As good as it may feel, whether you’re a brand-new runner, or getting back into running, you need to give your body time to rest and heal. It’s important to listen to your body – if you are tired, take an extra rest day. There are plenty of ways to make your recovery active, instead of just sitting on the couch. 

    Run every other day, and go for a nice comfortable walk in between your run days. Your muscles need time to rest, but the increased blood flow from a good walk will help. 

    Invest in a good foam roller and make it a part of your daily routine. Rolling helps to relieve muscle tension, tightness, and inflammation. There are tons of foam rolling tutorials on the internet. Find one that you enjoy and work through it, hitting all of the major muscle groups of your legs. 

    Work on your core. A solid core is essential to good running form, and can easily be worked on days that you aren’t running. Planks are a runner's best friend.


    6. Running is journey, and it can take you a lot of places if you stick with it. Our final tip is to stay positive and keep going! This summer is a great opportunity to see the area where you live in a new way and explore it on foot. You’ll start to notice the little things you often miss on your daily commute, or jaunt through town to get from Point A to Point B. Take the time to explore your surroundings, you’ll be amazed at what you can find. 


    If your neighborhood has sights to be seen, why not go see them on foot. Find a mural you’ve always wanted to check out, or the view from the crest of a bridge. Go see your city through a runner's eyes. 


    Become one with nature. Trail running, while different than hitting the pavement, offers quite a unique experience. It’s you and nature. Leave the sound of traffic and everyday life behind and enjoy the peace and quiet in the middle of the woods. You might find that you really enjoy unplugging for a while. Just watch out for rocks.


    You don’t have to go far to see a lot. If you have any questions or run into any issues, visit us in one of our shops (below) or connect with us online. We love hearing from all of you runners and walkers. 


    We’ll see you out there!


    PR Center City: 1711 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR University City: 3621 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Manayunk: 4358 Main Street, Philadelphia, PA

    PR Glen Mills: 505 Glen Eagle Square, Glen Mills, PA


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